April Team Email - April 4, 2014

Although spring is around the corner on the calendar, it certainly doesn’t feel like it outside.  The weather has finally started to turn for the better; spring (hopefully) is on the way.  You should be trying to ride outside as much as you can to start getting prepared.   The tougher the winter, the harder it is to get in gear for training and fund raising and boy has this been a tough winter.  Look at the calendar and the ride is 8 weeks away.  It’s time to get moving.

Sign Up/Recruitment

The event is now SOLD OUT.  Steve in his typical fashion has cajoled the ride to secure some extra spots for our team, so now the only way for anyone to sign up is on Steve’s Cycle Paths.  Either due to an over exuberance on his behalf or a miscalculation in mathematics, we have 50+ extra spots still available.   If you know of anyone who may be interested in joining our team, please extend the invitation as they are more than welcome.  If we want to match last year’s record, we need to find more riders.

Recognition Night

We are honoured that Princess Margaret Hospital has arranged a special tour and recognition night for our team.  Please extend this invitation to potential riders and your key supporters.  This is a great opportunity to see how the funds we raise are making a difference. This event could also have some exciting new twists!! For more information (see attached PDF).  


We are planning to have organized team rides in a number of communities throughout Southern Ontario.   As soon as the weather cooperates, if you are interested in organizing or participating in training rides in your area, please let Jacqueline know by emailing her at joscvirk@salitsteel.com. Niagara rides will begin on Friday afternoons from Rockway Glen Community Centre at 3:30.  Saturday and Sunday rides will be from either Lock 3 or the Runners Edge, located on 4th Avenue.  Let’s hope we finally get some good weather so we can get some training in.


Hotels in both cities are filling up quickly.  We still have rooms available at this point, but as in previous years we tend to run short at the end.  Remember the early bird gets the room.  If you did not receive the email about hotel block reservations.


As mentioned earlier, the late arrival of spring has delayed people in starting their fundraising campaigns.  Take a look at the calendar and the ride is much sooner than we all think.  Don’t count on a blitz at the very end being successful.  


Volunteers are the unsung heroes that pull this event together.  Although throughout the weekend there are many people who assist for one portion of the event, there is a core group of 6 – 8 people that literally work non-stop for 4 days straight.  This year this core team is being depleted by at least half.  We are looking for some brave souls who are willing to give up their entire weekends to help make our journey easier.  If you know anyone that is prepared to “work” all weekend, we would be most grateful.   We are also expecting significant turnover for next year, so getting some new blood trained this year will hopefully alleviate a problem for years to come.   Our volunteers are the stars behind the scenes.  Please have anyone you know that might be interested contact Jacqueline via email at joscvirk@salitsteel.com.


We will be hosting our 3rd Spin-a-thon at The Pen Centre in St. Catharines. These events are held to raise awareness for the RTCC, Our Team and to raise money for those riders that may struggle to raise their minimum. I am looking for 30 volunteers to both spin/collect $$$ during the events listed below.

The date is as follows: Saturday, April 12th (shifts from 8:30am to 3:30pm), please email Dave Winckler directly for more information (see attached PDF).

I know June seems a long way off, but it will be here before we know it.  Try and visualize the feeling at the finish line, and let that be your motivation to start getting pumped about our 2014 ride.  

Together we can make a difference.

Steven, Dave & Wayne


Dave Winckler


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