January 2014 Newsletter

Happy New Year!  Around this time each one of us makes resolutions.  Let us all resolve to make Steve’s Cycle Paths 2014 the best one yet!  Every June, we are all on a buzz for a number of weeks after the event.  During the subsequent months the high tends to diminish.  It is now time to start gearing up for this year’s challenge.  We remain committed to using our bikes as a vehicle to finding the cure to this deadly disease. 

Sign Up

To date, we have 207 people signed up for 2014’s ride.  The event will be sold out within a matter of weeks.  As in the past, numerous people who we know are going to be joining us this year just haven’t gotten around to filling out the forms.  It makes our job of planning significantly easier if we know the numbers sooner than later.  For those that are planning on riding, but haven’t signed up yet get off your asses and get it done!  Also, we have reserved extra spaces, so if you have anyone whom would like to join us, please pass on their name and we will forward them the registration form.  Attached you will find a sign up form and a team list of those whom have already signed up.  Please check to make sure your name is there if you’ve already signed up and pester your buddies who haven’t registered yet to do so.


This time of the year you should be spinning or riding on a trainer 2 – 3 X per week, 30 – 45 minutes minimum.  In our follow up newsletters, we will provide more detailed training tips.  Start now, or pay later.


As in the past we will be having 2014 Steve’s Cycle Path’s Jersey’s.   The advertising on the jersey is paid for by sponsors who last year raised more than $5,000.  These funds go to defray the cost of the jerseys, pay for some of the weekend’s expenses and assist some riders in helping them reach their goals.  If you know of any companies that wish to be a sponsor on the jersey, please contact Dave Winckler.  The deadline for ordering jerseys is Feb. 28th.  Please find attached information for ordering.


As in previous years we have booked blocks of hotels in downtown Toronto and Hamilton.  We will not be releasing either block until early March.  Details will be provided on how to reserve as we get closer to that date.


Past experience has shown us that those who start early have less trouble reaching their goals.  As our team grows and our network is more intertwined, this becomes even more important.  Don’t wait, start now.  Each of us should strive to raise our personal goals by 10% over last year.


As this event grows, so does our need for volunteers.  We want to start early soliciting support for adults who are willing to give up all or a portion of their weekend.  For many this is a great way to contribute, especially if they aren’t able to ride or cannot raise the funds.  Specifically, we are looking for leaders to take on larger roles with greater responsibility for various aspects of the weekend.  Our volunteers are stars behind the scenes of this event.  Email Jacqueline at joscvirk@salitsteel.com


As in the past we are planning a number of pre-ride events including a Niagara Recognition/Recruitment Night, probably in the middle of February.  As well, we are hoping to do another Toronto Princess Margaret appreciation evening which will probably be in mid to late March.  This event could have some exciting new twists!!


We will be hosting 2 Spin-a-thon’s in the coming months at The Pen Centre in St. Catharines. These events are held to raise awareness for the RTCC, Our Team and to raise money for those riders that may struggle to raise their minimum. I am looking for 30 volunteers to both spin/collect $$$ during the events listed below.

The dates are as follows: Saturday, February 1st (shifts from 8:30am to 3:30pm) & Saturday, April 12th, please email Dave Winckler to Volunteer (see attached poster).

If you have suggestions or ideas on how you can see the weekend be better, please send them to Jacqueline at joscvirk@salitsteel.com

I know June seems a long way off, but it will be here before we know it.  Try and visualize the feeling at the finish line, and let that be your motivation to start getting pumped about our 2014 ride. 

Together we can make a difference.

Steven, Dave & Wayne


Dave Winckler
Steve's Cycle Paths

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