May Team Email - May 17

Hello Everyone,

With just over 3 weeks to go… should be well on your way now in Training & Fundraising.

Over the next week the information that will be sent out weekly, should be reviewed so you are aware of what’s happening with the Team.  

We still have a few spots left if you know of anyone that might want to join us for the 2013 RTCC.


Now that we are nearing the end of May you should be riding outside 4 to 5 times a week in all types of weather. There is no way of knowing what the weather will be on June 8th & 9th, so we need to prepare for whatever conditions are thrown at us. The other important thing is “saddle time”, the more kms peddled, the less it’ll hurt on the RTCC.  

If you are looking to join our SCP Training Rides, for the Mississauga/Georgetown area please contact Jay Goodwin or for the Toronto/Richmond Hill area, please contact Wayne Gelb at

Our Niagara Team Training Rides leave from Rockway Community Centre in Lincoln on Friday’s starting @ 3:00pm“SHARP”.


With us being just 3 weeks away, if you haven’t started….it’s REALLY GO TIME NOW!!!! We are over $700,000 but still have a way to go!…..


The Louis Garneau shipment has arrived and if you have not contacted me to arrange shipment, please do so

I have ordered extras, but numbers, styles & sizes are limited and I will not release those pcs until the initial shipment has been sent. 


We are finding ourselves short of beds for the Saturday night stay in Hamilton.  If you have an extra bed in your room or will not be using your room, please email Jacqueline  to let her know the availability you have.


We are in BIG need of many volunteers this year to help execute this 3 daylong event.  If you have a whole day or if you have a few hours, please email Jacqueline ( subject:  Volunteer) and she will send you out a list of jobs and time slots that we still have open to fill.  If you have high school students in the home that need some community service hours, this would definitely apply.


Like previous years we will be providing transportation for you on Friday from Salit Steel (Niagara Falls) to Toronto, along with your bike.  Details are to follow when we get closer to the ride.  During Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning we will be providing a shuttle bus to and from Mohawk College, the hotel. After you arrive in Niagara Falls on Sunday, we will be providing a shuttle service from the finish line back to Salit Steel for you, your bike and family.

Bus from Niagara Falls to Toronto – June 7th @ 2:00pm

We have made arrangements to shuttle riders and their bikes from NF to Toronto on Friday, June 8thThe bus will leave Salit Steel @ 2:00pm “sharp” and the cost will be $20.00 PP. If you are interested in reserving a spot on the Bus and/or having us take your bike for you, please let Jacqueline know as space is limited, putting ‘shuttle’ in the subject line.


We are planning a team dinner at the Sheraton Hotel, the cost will be $35.00 PP cash (taxes & gratuity included). If you are planning on attending, please RSVP with your total # of persons attending to Jacqueline at and put in the subject line “RSVP for team dinner”.  More information will follow as it becomes more available.

In closing; although June 8th may seem a long way away, it will be here before you realize.  The time is now to get excited and start training, fundraising, and get your families and friends involved in all of your efforts. 

"Happiness comes when we test our skills towards some meaningful purpose."


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