Note From Steve Cohen

Happy New Year!

May 2015 bring all of us health and happiness and one step closer (pedal stroke) to finding a cure.

On behalf of my co-captains Dave and Wayne, I want to thank you for signing up for this years ride and your continued commitment and support is very much appreciated.

Every year just after New Years we seriously begin to think of our upcoming event.  It's time to start training and fund raising as history has shown those who start early have the easiest time of this. 

We have heard from the ride that the event is almost sold out and that although we have lots of spots reserved, they are not going to allow us to hold on to them as long as we have in previous years.  Therefore, our recruiting campaign to get previous years riders who are procrastinating and our search for new riders is going to have to be much more earnest.  Please help us by encouraging your friends to sign up NOW.   You can check the official ride site here to see if they've signed up already.   Our organizing committee's tasks is infinitely easier when people sign up early.  It is very difficult to plan how many buses, jersey's, meals, hotel rooms and all of the logistical support that we need, when we have no idea what numbers we are working towards.  To date, we are significantly behind previous years in our registration and if we are going to reach our lofty goals we need more riders.

Please click here to obtain the  2015 Registration form, video and website to pass along to potential riders.  Please have the forms sent to Jacqueline ( and she will get the rider registered on our team.

In the coming weeks and months we will be back to you on a regular basis updating you on team news as it becomes available.  We are planning 2 team kick off events, one for Niagara and one in Toronto (at Princess Margaret).  The Niagara event is still in the works for planning but will likely be early March at the Niagara Falls Hilton Hotel.  We will announce the dates for this event and the one in Toronto in the very near future.

"When you feel like quitting, think about why we started."

Watch this video and see why we do what we do.

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