Summer 2014 Email from Steve Cohen

Hello Cyclists

Congratulations to the 2014 Steve’s Cycle Paths Team!  After this year’s incredible weekend we've had an unprecedented and impressive early sign up rate.  To date, we have registered 116 riders which is way above previous years for this time.  Officially in 2014 we raised $902K and more donations continue to flow in.  It is greatly appreciated by the organizing committee that you have signed up early, as it makes all planning so much easier.  As in past years, we know that the majority of you will be signing up again, but often you wait until the spring to do so.  Our committee would like to encourage you to sign up in July/August as it makes all of our planning so much easier.  As a reminder of the euphoria of the weekend, we've included a video for you to share and enjoy. Also, please find attached our latest newsletter and a registration form.


Enjoy the rest of the summer.


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