Thank you note from Steve - June 18

On behalf of Wayne, Dave and myself I want to thank you for being apart of an incredible group of people who have come together to accomplish amazing things.  To think that a random group of regular people can come together and raise $1 million for cancer research is truly unbelievable.  I'm proud of each and every one of you and together we have created something very special.  

I believe in this team so much and what we are capable of that a spur of the moment conversation with Frank DaSilva motivated us to make the commitment to not stop until we get $1 million.  (See Steve Merkers Blog attached.)    Now that the event is over and most of us have reached the minimum we have mentally moved on from fund raising from 2015.  I challenge each and every one of you to dig a little deeper.  We all have that lingering promise of a donation that hasn't come in yet, that we would normally just let go.  This year I want the memory of Tucker Williams and his courageous family inspire us to keep going until we reach the million dollar mark.  Anyone who wants to share in our commitment to reaching the goal is more than welcome to participate and even a $1 contribution will be appreciated.

While the high of the weekend is still with us I ask you to do two things.  1) is to sign up for the 2016 ride and 2) is to find us more riders.  Because more riders means more money and more money means we are closer to a cure.  

Watch the attached video, then sign up for the 2016 ride (registration attached).  

Together we are making a difference.

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The Video:

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The 2016 registration form is available by clicking here.  Scan it and send it back to Jacqueline at

Thank you again for being apart of such a great weekend.


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