Drs. John Dick and Robert Bristow Selected for Top 10 Research Stories of the Year.


Drs. Robert Bristow (left) and John Dick (right)On Dec. 18, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre's Drs. John Dick and Robert Bristow were selected by the Canadian Cancer Society as one of their Top 10 Research Stories of the Year. 

Stories selected for this annual list represent some of the highest impact research of 2014.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation extends its congratulations to Drs. Dick and Bristow for their outstanding work and impact. It is thanks to world-class researchers such as them that The Princess Margaret is able to stand proudly as one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. 

For more information:

Dr. John Dick | Gene mutation could be the trigger for leukemia

In Toronto, Dr John Dick investigated the importance of over 100 genes commonly mutated in the early stages of leukemia. He found that a mutation in the gene DNMT3A plays a key role, making cells with this mutation resistant to chemotherapy and faster growing than normal stem cells. These findings identify a possible starting point for the disease which could help doctors diagnose and treat patients earlier.

Reference: Nature, April 2014  

Dr. Robert Bristow | Genetic test to predict prostate cancer relapse

Dr Robert Bristow in Toronto was part of an international team that developed a genetic test to predict which men are at highest risk of their prostate cancers returning following treatment. This test provides a way to identify patients who need more aggressive treatments, while avoiding over-treatment for patients whose cancers are less likely to return.

Reference: Lancet Oncology, November 2014


Click here to read the Canadian Cancer Society's complete Top 10 List. 

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